Sunday, August 15, 2010

vision in motion blur

It seems the hotter it gets, the louder the crickets sing. i didn't expect today to be so sweltering, i recall them calling for a rainy day (which would have been beautiful, collecting puddles at the end of my driveway).

this heat is making me melt away. it's making me see in double, things look hazy in the distance and i feel as though i were spinning. those waves of heat in the road are hypnotizing me, they're dancing to an ambient sound, pulling me in until i gaze in one spot and forget everything else. the only way to stop it is with pure strength of spirit. i shake my head to loosen its grip on me. i WILL see beyond the square footage in front of me, that box, the front & back, the side to side. i will see further into what i should and will be doing. i need a cool breeze to wake me up and stand me on my toes.


Carla said...

Wonderful image and fabulous words. Your summer sounds so strong. Thanks for the note about the Diane Arbus book, have to tell you that I loveddddd the Snowdown biog. I whipped through it in a couple of days. Carla

Your Lovah!!! said...

A cool breeze with the smell of a fire in the air. Stormy clouds, making the multi-coloured leaves look so vibrant.
Having the house smell of baked apples and cinnamon, wearing sweaters, making mulled wine, and wearing boots!
Having your cheeks feel chilly on mine, as we hug while picking apples.
Yeah, its time for Summer to go.

Flying Whale said...

thanks so much Carla! :)
The Snowdon biog is on my Xmas list ;)

Flying Whale said...

darling, that sounds magnificent! *love*