Monday, August 23, 2010

listen dammit

August Break #12

on my way into work this morning i was stopped by a sign, a random poster telling me what to do. i have no idea if it's a teaser ad or if it's guerrilla art or whatever but, i took it as a sign (no pun intended).

for the past few weeks my mind as been a flurry of constant thought, it's driving me crazy. i can't sleep because of it. i could be watching a movie on the couch when my eyes start to feel heavy and i whisk myself off to bed. once there, laying in the dark stillness, my once heavy eyes begin to widen and adjust to the shadows while my head starts pumping all sorts of randomness out. i'm exhausted.

so when i saw this today i stopped in my tracks, it made my laugh, it was perfect!

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