Monday, April 25, 2011

freshening up

Topiary - 4x4 mixed media on wood panel

I've been busy doing clean ups and updates in my shop (removing all the older work to make way for new pieces!), and on my facebook page for Flying Whale. Not to mention painting, i've been madly and gloriously painting! The next step is in the works, a new blog.

Loop.Dee.Loo will soon be no longer, it's time to move to something that flows more with Flying Whale (I started this blog thinking i needed a separate outlet and wanted a cute name). I've been reading Kelly Rae Robert's amazing e-book, 'Flying Lessons', and she stresses the importance of continuity when it comes to spreading your social wings online with your business. So, despite the fact that Flying Whale has already been taken as blog name (what the? has somebody else had the same recurring dream as me since childhood? how dare they fly a whale) I will be transferring everything over to a new blog home soon - sometimes you just have to get creative when someone else has your name ;) Just working on design and all that fun stuff! Time to work the blog world proper!