Monday, August 9, 2010

handmade autumn

i'm starting late, i just tripped and landed on lovely Susannah Conway's photo project today. i'm not TOO late though and besides, it's never too late.... right? so here it is my first piece ofAugust Break!

a truck fire on our highway journey into the 9-5 detoured us onto back roads (which is preferred anyway. i mean if you have to go into the city you might as well soak in some country to get there). on those back roads we found others who were doing the same thing, thus, a different traffic jam. we were stopped solid in a long, one lane line of various colours of metal . it was pretty though, when i looked to the right. i lowered my window and the scent of wet earth and green tiptoed in. despite the collection of cars it seemed still outside, the sound of crickets and a slight wind. i rested my head on the door and closed my eyes, i thought about how great it would be to just fly away.

it's come to that point in summer where i start to crave autumn. my favourite season. i crave the sweaters, that cozy feeling of wrapping up. i crave the smell of fallen leaves and the papery sound as i kick through them. i crave the chill in the air, an awakening coolness. i crave the colours. i crave the trips to a local farm for pumpkin donuts and the scented spice menagerie of homemade. i crave walks that collect blushed cheeks (a winter favourite as well).

i thought of autumn today in the traffic jam, imagined the trees abloom in colour. so i decided to create it. i took a perfectly fine photo of a summer green field and bibbity bobbity booed it into fall. now i just need some cinnamon to make it complete!


Laurina said...

August break is great: NO RULES! Lovely photo:)

Laurina said...

and a lovely post... you just made me yearn for autumn as well :)

Flying Whale said...

thanks so much Laurina! i'm loving this August break project.... it's making me post more ;)