Saturday, August 28, 2010

dance the yawns

i hit a wall earlier this afternoon. all of a sudden i felt exhausted and could only imagine myself curling up for a nap. as i stood up straight and stretched out my neck i shook it off saying out loud to myself "you'll never get where you want to be by sleeping, wake up!" so, i put on a song and danced around my studio, conjuring energy.

for the past couple of weeks i've had a sliver of insomnia and the need to sleep seems to creep up on me when i can't shut my eyes or, when i'm relaxed, doing what i love to do. i won't have any of that. i refuse to be tired during "me time".

there's nothing quite like a solitary dance party to bring you back to life. i urge you to shake it, move wildly, sway back and forth, whip your body to the rhythm of tune. wake yourself up and spend time with you in a moment no one ever need be a part of. dance. fill a floor space with YOU!

save the pillows for later.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Hmmm... maybe THAT'S what I need to do...

I've had more or less insomnia my entire life except for two wonderful weeks. I can only remember one day last November, apart from those two weeks, when I felt fully rested when I woke up.