Sunday, August 22, 2010

circa 32

our dryer broke. well, every time i attempt to run it it blows a fuse which knocks out the heat. not much point in drying clothes in a cold dryer. i have laundry hanging all over the house.

our washing machine is also on the fritz, makes a mad crazy loud (and scary as hell) banging noise when it hits the final spin. we're talking the kind of noise you hear in horror films that finds the family of a newly acquired, yet haunted, house running out into the midnight rain. standing in the driveway in their soaking wet pajamas staring at the house, the rhythmic thump thump thump still audible from where they stand shivering.

anyways, i've been thinking of ghosts lately too for some reason but that's a whole other post. so yeah, i'm sure we will soon be without a washing machine too and there is no way we can afford two new appliances (my fridge is ugly and dumb so i also want a new one of those, again, a whole other post. can you imagine how riveting an entire post about a refrigerator would be?). i suppose it's about time to invest in a washboard and hearty bar of soap, a nice tin tub basin would be lovely too, you know, to round out the whole image.

the image is me, circa 1932. a tattered dress under an apron, dusty black shoes one size too big with no laces, hair pulled underneath a handkerchief, raw hands.

you know what though? it builds character, it may take longer to do laundry but it doesn't really bother me. it's much lovelier to the environment and my hydro bill!


lisa said...

Sorry about your dryer, but this image is great!!!

Flying Whale said...

thanks Lisa! if the dryer WERE working, i would never have taken this photo so..... positive thinking right? hahaha.