Friday, November 27, 2009

in which i make a confession to celebrity adoration

i think you know where this is going from the image above. yes, i'm 16 years old all over again but i could care less. the way i see it is you're never too old to crush.... even if he is 10 years younger than you. i try to get past the fact that my little brother is the same age as the above pictured chap and you know what? it's NOT my brother and nor does my brother know him.... do you Iain?

when 'Twilight' first came out i have to admit i was amongst those old farts that said "what's the deal with this crap?" i haven't read the books and i have no intent on reading them but a month or so ago i asked myself "just what IS this hype all about?"

i curled up on the couch with a glass (let's be honest, it was a bottle) of wine, turned down the lights to a cozy level and pressed play. i got into it. it was cheesy and high school but i was entertained (and smitten). it brought me back to when i was a teenager crushing on a beautiful boy in my class. unfortunately the boy was not a vampire but still, he was beautiful to me. i dreamed of him, i imagined him, i fantasized him, i romanticized him. it's what teenage girls do, or did do when i was there.

i had this whole political-esque thing written out but erased it. maybe i'm not in the right frame of mind to get my point across. it's friday night, i'm enjoying a much needed drink after the dreadful week i've had, and just want to gush. admittedly, i'm drinking and gushing, so be it. the end point is - i, as a 32 year old girl have a current crush on a 22 year old boy. call me a cougar if you will, he's cute as hell. thinking young keeps you young baby!

p.s. my main celebrity crush will always remain with James McAvoy. Mmmm, delicious!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

in which the universe provides

i'm jumping for joy, or WAS jumping for joy... the day is almost out now but.... i had another day off today, another day in my studio! damian & i were dragging our sad, unenthusiastic bodies into the car when we heard on the traffic report that there was a fuel spill on the highway we take. at first we looked at each other with the familiar eye roll of "naturally, an accident on our highway" (they happen so often you'd think it were some sort of conspiracy). we took to the back roads which also, not surprisingly, were jammed up. we hit that point where our eye roll turned into "why are we paying for gas we can't afford to waste to just sit here behind a line?" so, we turned around. back home we came.

in a way it's not good, i get a taste for freedom and it's that much harder to return to the routine drudgery. still, i'm appreciative of the day so many thanks universe. i hear you loud and clear.

while i spent time in puddles of paint damian went through some boxes of odds & ends that have moved from house to house with us. you know those things you just can't seem to throw out for some reason? anyways, he found this old earring of mine and brought it up to me in a fit of laughter saying "i can't even imagine you wearing this". i used to wear this (along with it's partner, a female form) all the time when i was about 13/14 years old. i loved to dangle huge jewellery from my ears. it screams ABSOLUTE COOL! don't you think? ;)

maybe i should start wearing it again, even without the lady that goes with it. bring back the one earring only style. add some high wasted denim jeans or some rad leather, teased hair, and i'm ready to rock the streets with the look!

* how awesome was Roxette? seriously.

okay, in other news completely unrelated allow me to discuss my hair. in fact it's not news at all really it's just thoughts, banter, girly-ness. i've been trying to grow out my hair since i got back from Europe this summer (how chi-chi sounding... "oh yes i vacationed in Europe dahling, please pass the caviar and Dom Perignon"). i've never had long hair, the longest it's ever been (to my recollection) is to my shoulders. for some reason i've had this urge to grow it longer so i can toss it up in an innocent yet sexy Jane Austen sort of style. all pulled back yet with loose tendrils of curl hanging down.

i was doing fine until i saw the film 'Little Ashes'. just look at that hair up there, i'm madly in love with it! of course being as gorgeous as Marina Gatell wouldn't hurt. i've tried growing it out before but i always break down and chop it off. my cause for the chop is always my adoration and draw towards the 1920's. i think i've had a bob my entire life. actually one time i went crazy and did the whole pixie cut thing, BIG mistake. i looked like a boy with boobs. it looked fine when the hairdresser did it but when my locks were in my own hands it was a failure of mass proportions.

i must have had the best time in a past life during the 20's, how else can i explain my desire to go back there?

i can stand strong this time though, i shall not cut it. it will keep my ears warm during whatever winter may come our way and then come the first spring day that allows me to put away mittens & scarves i will hack it all off with abandon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

in which i yearn

i love being in my studio, it's where i want to be all day. time always goes by so quickly here though, maybe it's because i'm racing against it. i have this one day of "freedom" before i have to settle back into an office chair so i try to get as much out of it as possible.

i took today off from the 9-5 and spent the whole day painting. i looked at my clock at one point and it was already 2:30pm, i swear if i were at work at that very same moment the clock would have only read 10:00am. it's a shame that time goes by in such a whirl when you're enjoying yourself yet when you're in the midst of doing something you don't want to do it drags with an almost agonizing slowness.

well, eventually this WILL be where i spend all of my (fleeting) time. i will no longer have to chase it to the bedtime finish line with the knowing fact that i won't be able to do it the next day. it will BE my day. the more i believe it's true the more it will be true.

hey, i've watched 'The Secret', i know what i'm doing. ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

in which i'm the only canadian who likes winter

this time last year we had snow (i know because a co-worker reminded me today that it was her 1 year anniversary of slipping on the ice and breaking both wrists). this time this year it's mild and raining.

in terms of winter weather: snow to me is like a giggle, a laugh, a slow motion sigh landing on your shoulder, tangling in your hair, melting on your tongue. rain* on the other hand seems more like a cold shoulder being turned, a cruel joke at your expense, tiny pins stabbing through your flesh down into your bones.

i picture snow cloud and rain cloud having a game of rock/paper/scissors to determine who gets to precipitate on a particular day. rain cloud seems to be winning every game so far and i'm pretty positive it's due to cheating. that's just the way rain cloud rolls, don't even think about playing a game of Monopoly with it. notice the $5 pile getting a little thin in the bank? yeah, rain cloud.

*this is just winter rain mind you, i quite enjoy a nice summer rain, it's less angry

~ video i made last year of Damian trudging through the flakes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

in which i invent a delicious recipe

i just invented a new dish.  a dish of elegance.  try this recipe out with a glass of champagne and a lover on the side, you won't regret its aphrodisiacal effects.


What you need:
2 slices of generic white bread 
1 knife
margarine (optional)
peanut butter
blueberry jam
1 fabulous hand-me-down plate from your Mum

With the knife, spread the margarine onto one of the bread slices.  On top of the margarine, spread a generous layer of peanut butter.  On the second bread slice, spread a layer of the blueberry jam.   Place the two slices together, jam side on top of peanut butter side.  Cut from one corner to another creating a triangle shape.  Crusts can be removed or left on.  Place onto plate and serve.


I really think this recipe is going to be a hit.  it's a time saver, it's delicious, and it's sexy.  give it a try and thank me later.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. ~ Victor Hugo

it's been too long. per my last post i should be writing about Johnny Depp but i can't find the photo which would lead into the words.

instead, this guy. i've felt so "down" lately, gloomy if you will, as if i were wasting my time that seems to go so swiftly by. how can it be November already? i can't remember the past year. it's frightening how fast you are one year more and even more frightening when you don't have much to show for it. yikes.

so sometimes you just need to laugh. and that guy up there.... he makes me laugh. every time i look at those tiny bucked fangs i melt a little. do you suppose he gets made fun of by his peers? poor guy, i will love you no matter what!

* photo not by me (unfortunately)