Friday, November 27, 2009

in which i make a confession to celebrity adoration

i think you know where this is going from the image above. yes, i'm 16 years old all over again but i could care less. the way i see it is you're never too old to crush.... even if he is 10 years younger than you. i try to get past the fact that my little brother is the same age as the above pictured chap and you know what? it's NOT my brother and nor does my brother know him.... do you Iain?

when 'Twilight' first came out i have to admit i was amongst those old farts that said "what's the deal with this crap?" i haven't read the books and i have no intent on reading them but a month or so ago i asked myself "just what IS this hype all about?"

i curled up on the couch with a glass (let's be honest, it was a bottle) of wine, turned down the lights to a cozy level and pressed play. i got into it. it was cheesy and high school but i was entertained (and smitten). it brought me back to when i was a teenager crushing on a beautiful boy in my class. unfortunately the boy was not a vampire but still, he was beautiful to me. i dreamed of him, i imagined him, i fantasized him, i romanticized him. it's what teenage girls do, or did do when i was there.

i had this whole political-esque thing written out but erased it. maybe i'm not in the right frame of mind to get my point across. it's friday night, i'm enjoying a much needed drink after the dreadful week i've had, and just want to gush. admittedly, i'm drinking and gushing, so be it. the end point is - i, as a 32 year old girl have a current crush on a 22 year old boy. call me a cougar if you will, he's cute as hell. thinking young keeps you young baby!

p.s. my main celebrity crush will always remain with James McAvoy. Mmmm, delicious!


Maria-Thérèse said...

pff, 22 is not too young at all! You're not a child when you're 22. Plus I think it's much cooler when the woman is older. So I'd say go for it (oh wait, don't you have a special someone already?) :)

"unfortunately the boy was not a vampire " - heehee :)

Maria-Thérèse said...

Wanna know how interested in men I am? I'm looking at the picture thinking: that's such a nice birdcage. Exactly the kind I could use for photoshoots and to hang in my room and and and

Flying Whale said...

LOL!!!! brilliant. i'll admit i thought the EXACT same thing when i first saw this picture. "Oooo, i really want that bird cage. hey, he looks pretty cute"