Monday, November 23, 2009

in which i yearn

i love being in my studio, it's where i want to be all day. time always goes by so quickly here though, maybe it's because i'm racing against it. i have this one day of "freedom" before i have to settle back into an office chair so i try to get as much out of it as possible.

i took today off from the 9-5 and spent the whole day painting. i looked at my clock at one point and it was already 2:30pm, i swear if i were at work at that very same moment the clock would have only read 10:00am. it's a shame that time goes by in such a whirl when you're enjoying yourself yet when you're in the midst of doing something you don't want to do it drags with an almost agonizing slowness.

well, eventually this WILL be where i spend all of my (fleeting) time. i will no longer have to chase it to the bedtime finish line with the knowing fact that i won't be able to do it the next day. it will BE my day. the more i believe it's true the more it will be true.

hey, i've watched 'The Secret', i know what i'm doing. ;)


Michelle said...

What a delicious treat to take the day off and spend it in your studio! I know exactly what you mean....time seemed to stand still all day while I was at the I was dreaming of being at home and working on a quilt. I hope your wish of being a full-time artist comes true very soon.

Flying Whale said...

thank you so much Michelle ~ i do too ;)

Maria-Thérèse said...

You choose your life - you can do it, you can!

Do you exhibit your work? Do people know about you?

Not to sound like a boring negative jerk here but when you do start your own business / work full-time doing your thing you will probably be surprised at all the administration that goes with it! Gah! Working with figures, making calls, trying to get people to notice you... I could really use some sort of manager or assistant here but all I have is me. Can't you work less at your "ordinary" job and more in your studio to begin with? The transition could be smoother than quitting instantly and becoming your own boss. I didn't have much choice :-S