Friday, May 28, 2010

a piece of a piece

a little sneaky peek at another piece for the show (mentioned in post below), 'Mersey Thames'. A collaborative artwork between myself and Robin Luoma.

and you are?

May has been a busy month, filled with bits of everything. I'm making my return to blogdom though, i need to get back to writing. Be they short, sweet, small posts for now, they will be there.

the news right now - a show! my friend, and fellow artist, asked me to collaborate on some paintings a few weeks back. she had gotten a show at a gallery downtown and asked me if i would "team up" to create something different. we have very different styles so it was a challenge and it was fun, it felt odd painting over someone else's work though i have to say. the theme of the show is Pop culture so we decided to base our works on our joint love for The Beatles.

we met in high school and while everybody else was listening to whatever it was they were listening to we were in the 60's. we listened to my dad's extensive record collection, we watched the Beatle movies over & over & over again (i can still quote along to them), we hung Beatle pics in our lockers, you name it. so this seemed a very fitting idea for us over 15 years later. our works aren't direct representations of the fab four, paintings of their images or anything. we've combined our styles to depict a vision of what their impact was on us. the above and below photo are sections of a piece we are (currently) calling 'Two of Us" (just like the song, no real stretch in title there, hahaha). Robin created the background with printed beetle images and i added the collage over top.

we're still working on a few last pieces, it's down to the wire now. the show is tomorrow, a night of art, music, food, and drink. i've been a painting nut for the past couple of weeks and it feels great!