Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ascending the dark

i've been thinking a lot about escape lately. i seem to be in a negative space right now, where bad things just seem to be happening more often than good. this happens, it's part of the cycle. i couldn't enjoy the good without bad having its turn in the spotlight.

i worked on a painting all day saturday that really speaks of my inner desire to escape, run away. you can see a hint of it above, beneath the bird cut out i held up in front of it. i'll show the painting here in a few days once it's complete. I'm really happy with it, a mixed media piece on wood that resonates peacefulness when i look at it. i might hang it at the foot of our bed so i can meditate on it as i try to fall asleep amongst the fluttering thoughts in my head.


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

I'm thinking about winter and how to escape it, how you can't escape it, how much I hate it and how horribly close it is. Don't know what to do. Go away for a while, perhaps, if I can. Thinking about possibilities of warmer places but it still won't be summer.

Flying Whale said...

go to Australia, it'll be summer there! ;)

maybe a little trip to the south of France, wander a beach and drink champagne.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Beautiful work, I followed your link from Flickr!

Flying Whale said...

thank you so much Julie!