Monday, April 6, 2009

a letter scribbled in desperation

Dear Mother Nature,

I think there has been some sort of mistake.  Six days ago it became April but I awoke this morning to find my windows painted white.  Now I'm not really one to complain about snow, i do find it pretty but, I was kind of looking for some pretty in a different colour.  We've had twinkling white decorating our lawns since October, that's 6 months now Mother Nature.  I think deep down in your heart you know it's about time for green to make a more prominent appearance.  You know that the little winks of purple and yellow peeking out of gardens deserve to burst open with a giant sigh.  Why are you being so cruel to colour?  I thought you loved colour.  I think you're having a bad day, is that it?  Are you sitting in your treetop oasis wearing a vintage dress with the freshest of flowers pinned to it, laughing as you watch us run around with our shoulders up to our ears?  Are you stringing daffodils around your neck while our chins avoid the wet part of our scarves?  Are you barefoot, dipping your toes into a babbling stream while we lace up waterproof boots over our pants?  You're most definitely not stuck behind a team of snowplows flashing their blue lights at your growing state of agitation are you?

What gives Mum, where's the love?  Please do us a favour and lift this heavy blanket off, we're suffocating in the grey.  Please see it in your apple blossom heart to sprinkle some seeds of spring onto us.  We're desperate for more than one day of sunshine, we want to ride our bikes, we want to swing on swings, we want to plant our gardens, we want to twirl around on cool grass.  I'm not beyond begging at this point.  Please please please, prettiest of pleases with violets on top, allow us to dance. 

Forever Yours in colour,

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Lowell and Son said...

I have "cursed" the snow myself this winter but have not had anything near what you have. Snow does throw the Seattle area into chaos though since we just are not used to it. Not to rub your nose in it or anything but it has been up in the 70s here this weekend. VERY strange, we are probably in for some kind of slap down from mother nature now...