Saturday, April 11, 2009

jolis oeufs

it's a lovely fantastic 4 day weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate.  yesterday Damian & i took full advantage of having a friday off, we painted easter eggs!  it was a lot of fun turning our dining room (which we never use) into a "den of craft".  the table was covered in paint tubes, ribbon, lace, sparkles, glue, markers, sequins and more.  of course in my usual style of crafting with other people i took forever to get my eggs decorated.  i always come up with what i think is going to be a great idea but once i put that idea to work it, more often than not, turns out to be a lot more intricate than imagined.  we both had 4 eggs each (though i was tempted to get more prepped) and in the time it took me to make my first one, Damian was on his third.  i ended up donating one of mine to him.

allow me to introduce you to our gang of egg art.  above is Clara-Belle, 1920's bride.

here we have Fee Fee Knickerbottom, the sought after burlesque dancer.  fabulous elfin bunny face created by the lovely & talented Vanessa Valencia who, very generously, created 4 wraps for people to use in their decorating.  i altered mine a bit  ;)

this is the Story Egg where the faeries gather around the mushroom to hear tales of fancy flight and distant wanderings.

the rest of the eggs are Damian's wondrous creations.  he spent all of his creative energy on the decorating process so had nothing left when i asked if we should name them.  so, above you see Sir Guy Wearing Lederhosen.

This is the aptly named, Spider.

Here we have, Sun.

Moon, naturally.

and the swiftly named, Faery Face.  another of Vanessa's gorgeous creations.  and that's that, now it's time to head to my mum & dad's for a turkey dinner (and some heavenly vegetarian dish for Kate & I), wine, and treats.  Kate is making dessert which is a surprise for me, i love that.  what a great sister, i adore surprises!  she's a yummy baker too so i know it's going to be magically fantabulous!

oh yeah - when you were a kid did you ever eat the eggs after they were decorated?  i remember peeling the pretty off and the egg was no longer white, it had take on the colour of the shell.  I probably shouldn't have done that, i mean it was sitting out for days.  I have a feeling my mum didn't know i ate it, hard to believe she would let me chow down on a green egg that was sitting on the counter for a week.  

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