Monday, April 13, 2009

bunnies in the hole

i just had to share my sisters creation while i break from overhauling my studio (it's taking longer than i thought, i'm being more thorough than intended... which will be better in the end i suppose).

we went to my parents house on saturday for a turkey dinner, dessert was Kate's volunteered mission.  everyone knew what she was making except for me, it was a surprise (i do love surprises).  i was ordered out of the dining room while she assembled and set up.  my mum said i would probably want my camera when i came in.  was she ever right!  look at these beauties!!! i love love love cupcakes and Kate made these from scratch.  the icing was so buttery and gorgeous and we all know it's ALL about the icing.  they're called Bunnies in the Hole and i think they're brilliant!  she did such a fantabulous job at them. i have 1 left downstairs in the kitchen and every so often i swear i hear it calling my name *that little flirt*.  i had one last night in bed while drinking a cuppa and watching Arrested Development, it was decadent.


REread said...

those cup cakes rock ... man they look sweet

Woodland Fay said...

These are the wildest and most artful cupcakes I have ever seen. I bet they tasted good too, anyone that creative with decoration just has to be an ace cook. Lovely post.

Flying Whale said...

thanks so much for your comments, I've passed them onto my sister who was the mastermind behind them.

and yes, they did taste delish!