Tuesday, April 28, 2009

no particular dream of light

2 new prints available in my shop. more sizes are on their way too! these are sections from one of my original paintings.
i've been in this toggle state of tired/awake/alive/asleep lately. i feel full of promise on weekends only to have that ripped away by the monotony of daily grind. i usually find myself painting in darker colours but lately i've forced myself to try lighter, brighter colours in hopes of a shift of some sort. like fighting my way out of a comfort zone.

i'm quite happy with the final piece these prints come out of. it's very dreamy and feels closer to me than my last few paintings that just seem like frustration splashed onto canvas. of course there's nothing wrong with letting frustration out, in fact it needs to get out somehow. i'm just happy to have stretched over to a lighter palette and hope to keep on this path in hopes of it opening me up more to my true self.

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Lisa Perrin said...

lol, thanks! lovely colors in these!