Monday, March 30, 2009

Northern Ontario Safari retreat

a week ago we built a fort in our living room, it still stands. i can't seem to bring myself to taking it down, it's such a fabulous place to escape to.

Damian was feeling bored so i suggested making a fort and eating treats while watching a movie. he wasn't opposed to the idea. so we got to work pulling all of our blankets, and some bedsheets, out of the closets, gathering bits & bobs to use as supports. all structural credit goes to Damian, it's incredible!

We did have a mishap or 2 during construction. we had just got the "roof" up when Poe, one of our cats, decided to test the strength. from the top of the t.v. in slow motion came this flying cat, legs stretched out like superman, wind in her whiskers. she landed with a soft thump which brought down our load bearing wall (a 2x4 stuck between the futon and the couch) and sent her running to safer ground. all was well, cat was unharmed and we learned our mighty fort would not withstand sudden acts of nature...we had to make it stronger! twine was looped under the couch binding the 2x4 to my studio lights which acted as supports for the 2 back corners, vice grips held bedding in place, and a combination of the two (when tied to our overhead light fixture) reduced the amount of "sag" in the middle.

this fort was my "armchair" travel to a 1920's style African Safari. i don't think i'll ever be able to afford to go here in real life so, fantasy tent in my living room made out of brooms, blankets, and even a 12" miter saw for wall support will just have to do!

oh to be in it right now, drawing and sipping tea!


kim* said...

oh how nice to lay under.

Kate said...

did you have rice krispie squares in there? you totally should before you take it down.

Carmen said...

What a fantastical escape!

Lowell and Son said...

So cool, I posted a pic of my son's fort that he built in his room. He has been sleeping on the floor in it for a couple weeks now. Yours looks so dreamy.