Saturday, March 21, 2009

pesky bug

i've got this decorating bug gnawing away at me, maybe a form of spring cleaning perhaps? whatever it is it's making me want to create a more blissful getaway in my studio.  i bought some shelves yesterday, which I'm currently painting, and 1 apothecary jar (i hope to get at least 2 more... odd numbers just look so much better than even ones).  the shelves are ready for their second coat and then i'll have to sand them to get the look i'm going for.  good thing Damian has an electric sander, boys are great for stuff like that.

once i get that second coat on i'm coming back to this machine to work on a new look for this blog.  this one is so dull to me, so blah, i put it up in a rush.  but before i go - prints are now available in my shop for the pieces pictured below, 'Whirling Dervish', and 'Towards Light' - help a girl feed her decorating bug  *wink*

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