Saturday, August 22, 2009

time to brighten

Isle of Skye, Scotland

i'm working on a new layout, doodling out banner ideas and such.  time to brighten this place up.  i've been working more with ink and i love it, i've always loved it but for some reason i'm drawn to using it more lately.  harder to get off the skin (my feet are currently stained with splashes of it) but who cares.  sometimes i like to keep the messy bits on me to remind me of what i love.  if i don't end up with paint, ink, glue, or whatnot on me somewhere then i feel like i didn't truly get into it.  to dive into my art fully means i resurface multi-coloured.

so yes, a new look on it's way.  right now though i have to go tidy our porch in readiness for a cozy idea i have.  the screening really needs to be replaced but man, is it ever expensive to buy screen, sheesh.  for now, to cover the holes the raccoons made, i will have to use my imagination.... and that's a much more fun place to shop than home depot.


Maria-Thérèse said...

Maybe you can make little doors for the racoons so they don't have to make holes? ;)

Lovely purple photo!

Flying Whale said...

wouldn't that be adorable? with little "welcome" mats outside.