Thursday, August 13, 2009

snow white & the seven dwarf bunnies

we found bunnies! well, Damian did...while he was mowing the lawn *yikes*. two little guys were out for a wander in our long, summer rained on grass. their little movements caught the side of his eye, luckily. he stopped the mower and ran into the house yelling "i need you STAT!" of course i start to think "he's chopped a piece of himself off, oh no". i ran down the stairs and found him at the door, all in one piece.

we went outside and he said "follow me, quietly" we crossed our yard and he pointed at a tiny brown thing which i initially thought was a fallen leaf. to my happy surprise it was not. as we got closer one guy hopped off into the hedge which is where we wanted them to go, for safety. the other guy just sat there, we were able to crouch right down beside it and Damian even pet the wee beastie. it took a tiny shove but he finally hopped off as well. we thought it would be a good idea to scan the rest of the lawn just in case. not too far from where the first two bunnies were spotted was a patch of "different" grass, more thatchy looking. Damian crouched down and said "i found another one!" we slowly lifted the thatch up so we good give him a little nudge towards the hedge as well, he bolted. But.....

... there were 4 more underneath! a cozy little hole dug into our lawn for baby bunnies to nap in. i'm so glad two of them went for a stretch because if they hadn't, Damian wouldn't have known they were there. fear the thought. we managed to shoo them all hedge-ward and everything was fine.

for a good idea of scale, that's Damian's (gloved) hand in the top photo... how adorably small!

i'm starting to feel like Snow White with all these creatures taking up residence at our house. the cats, the bunnies, the skunk... i'm waiting for a bear! wouldn't that be fantastic? we'll start a little circus show!

on another note, i feel a blog makeover coming on. this one feels a tad heavy, time to lighten things up.


Kate8085 said...

Aren't they just the cutest?
We have alot in our yard..our dogs go crazy trying to catch them,
but those bunnies can ZING!!
Thank goodness for that, I would die if my dogs ever caught one.

Flying Whale said...

i was in a constant state of "awww" and you are SO right about that zing! when they decided to head into the hedge they booted it like i've never seen.... and it made me go "awww" even more. those tiny little things hopping like mad men.

Woodland Fay said...

Great post and timely find. Cute too, of course, I'm just a sucker for rabbits of any age.