Thursday, August 13, 2009

a story of love

along the white walled backdrop of my studio, to the soundtrack of Lykke Li singing 'Hanging High', the black spot fluttered.  to & fro it drifted searching for everlasting love, dancing on dreams.  it grew weary of being alone and craved the kind of companionship you only find in books.  during a heavy sigh it looked downward upon a slight red shimmer caught in a light. it's heart started beating madly, uncontrollably, a beat four times faster than it was used to. was this the surge of love?  was this the feeling songs and poetry were based on?  

it dove down for a closer look.  as it grew closer the red glow became richer, its heart thumping harder.  it stopped an inch away and circled the edge, wondering how to make the first move. gazing into the red it realized the morphing in shades.  at the immediate surface, closest to its feet, was a clear pinkish hue.  slowly it graduated getting darker and darker downward until it rested in a beautiful ruby colouring.  it tossed negatives and positives back and forth, could it work, could the ruby depths love it back with the same passion?  it would do anything in return, it would lie, beg, steal, even die for just a sweet whisper of forever entwined.  

it gathered up all of its courage and took the plunge, doing one more circle around the vessel containing it's Juliet.  plunging down at fairy-tale speeds the tiny fruit fly touched down, gaussian wings first, into the delicate beaujolais.  the glass captured it, the sea of cruel crimson grasped onto its tiny legs, holding it prisoner, drawing it under the pinkish hue.  it gasped for air in panic as the shades of red became a hideous monster drowning him slowly.  after seconds it relaxed its thoughts and fears and fell into the end.  it wasn't a monster at all, it was his Juliet's embrace, its true love pulling closer to embrace.  it died in her arms, floating on the surface, happy and at peace.  loved at the last moment of flutter, a brief note in fairy tale history.

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Kate8085 said...

Beautiful story!
I like that if you look at the shadow of the glass, it looks like a romantic skull.