Wednesday, August 5, 2009

free, in progress.

i finally did it, i ruined my Lulu "sweats".  i knew it was time for a new pair for a while now, i mean i've had these ones for maybe 3 or 4 years.  they're an expensive garment, comfy and bum magnificent, but still expensive.  i didn't dare confirm to myself that they were in need of replacement.  tonight though, tonight i brought them to a whole new level.  in fact i brought myself to a whole new level.  i now have no choice but to replace them if i want to wear such heaven on my next road trip.  

you see, on a road trip comfort is key, right?  who wants to sit in a car for hours on end in their cutest pair of skinny jeans?  there's a bind in the legs (and secret no-no area) that's just the complete opposite of  fun.  Lulu sweats allow one to be comfortable behind that restrictive seatbelt and at the same time, look pretty stylish and "cute" when pulling into a rest stop for a stretch/coffee/tea/pee.  

tonight i found myself tossing the old gals on in readiness for movie watching.  alas, somewhere between my bedroom and the family room, an urge to make a mess hit me in the back of the imagination.  i found myself in my studio picking up a canvas i had previously painted a pastel background onto.  i threw the canvas to the ground, picked up a bottle of burgundy liquid acrylic paint and proceeded to squeeze it onto the aforementioned softness.  from there i grabbed the nearest colour and spilled uncontrollably.  

there's paint everywhere.  on my hands, stomach, hair, floor, walls, and Lulu's.  i now have the most expensive and comfortable painting pants and i love it.  i can still wear them on road trips, covered in paint splash, and if people don't like it...well they can enjoy their secret no-no discomfort.  tonight felt great, amazing, to just make a mess and not care what came out of it.  i have to learn to trust that more, the not caring.  most of the things that make me feel great come from not caring, just doing and BE-ing.

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