Sunday, January 4, 2009

perms are awesome!

i just found this photo of me when i was about, hmm, just before grade nine started so i guess i'm 13 or 14.  sometimes you just have to let the bad photos out of hiding.  look at those lanky stick legs... they're still like that!  more importantly though is that i have layered tank tops tucked into my rolled, just above the knees, denim shorts.  ah yes, the early 90's were a hot bed of fashion for a young girl.

here i am standing in what would later become my bedroom.  my parents bought a house in Barrie (Ontario) just as i was entering high school.  You can tell by the expression on my teenage face that i was overjoyed with that fact.  Leaving all my friends in the city to start a new chapter in my life up north.  Barrie, oh how the acid wash and mullets will, without a doubt, withstand a nuclear war (much like cockroaches).  

in this photo i'm pretty sure i was thinking about Johnny Depp and how it had been at least 8 hours since my sister and i had watched Cry Baby.  

that house holds many memories for me though.  skipping school with my best friend and smoking pot out the basement window, crazy carpeting down the stairs, the stray kittens in our garden, playing football in Alan Frew's backyard (that's right, the lead singer of Glass Tiger was our neighbour and my sister went out with his son), running outside in massive puddles during a huge monsoon style downpour to help my friend get over her fear of storms, and a million others.  

still, above all else, my fashion is what kicked ass the most.  flamingo lifeguards are bad ass and when you pair that up with a perm, you have nowhere to go but up baby, world domination is at your fingertips.


Belua Designs said...

ah the memories :) I turned 13 in 1990 so I can totally relate. I can't remember how many times I watched Crybaby...Johnny Depp was so dreamy!

amanda said...

*sigh* johnny Depp forever!