Thursday, January 29, 2009

spin & swirl

it's thursday night and instead of dancing like no one is watching i'm concerned about the time. it's getting late so i should hit the pillows so i can be rested for the next 9-5 day ahead of me. at least that next day is a friday. that means i have 2 days ahead of me that spell freedom. freedom to do what i WANT to do (and groceries). one day i will actually paint/photograph/create within those now dreaded hours of monday to friday, nine o'clock to five o'clock. until then i will attempt a positive attitude while i admin. other people's requests. 

sleep tight, don't let the reality bugs bite.

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afiori said...

hello, hello, hope you're painting LOADS of paintings this weekend (and that you can quit your job soon if that's what you'd prefer...)

I clarified the cherry blossom thing, oh no, I'm up in the north of Sweden, goodnight,

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