Sunday, January 25, 2009


newest piece in my shop, a 4x6 print of one of my original paintings.  also available matted & framed (in a 5x7 frame).

i love poppies, i find them so delicate.  i always wanted to be Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, wandering around a magical place and napping in the poppies.  of course i realize she was drugged by the witch (and the opium i guess) but it's still beautiful.  besides, i'm a witch too (so says my grandma who is also a witch) a good witch though, more like Galinda.  i don't think i'd ever be the one a house falls on... although the shoes WERE to die for.  do you suppose they come in a boot?

come to think of it i should really start harnessing my witchy powers more.  traveling via bubble would be so much fun! 


afiori said...

I find the image very moving.
Who knew your post would end with a note about travelling in a bubble?! Unpredictability makes me happy :)

Woodland Fay said...

This is a lovely piece. I'm naughty and do make opium from my poppies, but don't worry, it's only english strength and not much of it, at that! Your poppies have a dark and dangerous quality, nicely done.
Love the blog name BTW