Wednesday, December 31, 2008

party like it's 1594!

just about 5 more hours left of the old tired year of 2008.  poor 2008, i'm sure it wasn't wanting to be remembered as the year that ended in a global financial crisis.  chin up Oh Eight, you did give us Obama and you were the year i got bangs again in which i never thought i'd do (and i like them).  see, it wasn't ALL bad.

i'm fully expecting 2009 to be far more exciting though, jam packed with: 

* adventures
* new finds
* travel
* paint
* magic
* success
* more hugs
* spills 
* laughter
* dreams
* open fields
* bare feet
* bliss

(to name a few).  no parties for me tonight, just a cozy quiet night in with my love, our friend Rob, and a sexy little green bottle of bubbles named Perrier.

Until next year my darling.


afiori said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy new year!


Jessica Torrant said...

Good stuff! I am ready for adventure, more hugs and and the paint to fly in 2009! Happy New Year. :)