Sunday, December 28, 2008

a little r&r

well, christmas is over and here i sit on a sunday... relaxed.  no work tomorrow, i have all week to be me and i hope to get a lot of painting in.  it was a very nice christmas that went by very fast.  i cooked a turkey dinner for Damian's family (a vegetarian cooking a turkey dinner is always interesting) which i was told turned out delish!  

right now my bum is cozily snuggled into the couch while i enjoy a little plate of crackers & cheese, a glass of red wine, and the 1952 version of 'Moulin Rouge'.  i'm thinking i should light a fire to go with the rest of the ambience, plus, my toes are chilly.  


afiori said...

In Sweden people insist on eating dead pigs (ham) for christmas... Luckily my mum and sis are vegetarians as well and my aunt, who has dinner with us, is in minority... :) I've actually never eaten meat.

The little girl in the pic looks sort of freaked out :D

amanda said...

hahaha, that freaked little girl is me. can you blame me though? look at that santa. ;)

afiori said...

Santa is so HUGE and beardy! No wonder. You are absolutely adorable, just a little bit freaked out :) :) :)