Sunday, January 3, 2010

thank you Maria-Therese.....

... for sending me some of that gorgeous snow you have so much of. it's been blurry white outside all day today. whipping around in all directions, creating big drifts of chilly fluff. i thought it would be a good idea to go for a little walk to buy a bottle of sparkling pinot grigio i've been wanting to try. i thought it would be nice to celebrate my last day of vacation instead of moping around wishing it weren't over. i mean of course i wish it weren't over but, i have to think positive AND one should find time to celebrate every day!

celebrate life, celebrate a moment, celebrate love, celebrate happy, celebrate dreams, celebrate wishes, celebrate desire, celebrate chocolate, celebrate YOU!

and so, i ventured into the white. it was a lot colder than i thought minus 29 (with the wind chill) sounded. my cheeks burned with every tiny piece of iced snowflake that landed on them, my lungs begged me to turn around and breath warm air inside, my legs questioned my sanity as i trudged through un-shoveled sidewalks. i cracked on, enjoying the "pain".

i was pretty glad to get home though, i have to admit. i was also glad i didn't crumble and say "forget it".

the snow is wonderful, blissful, quiet, and still. it lies out there now sparkling under the street lights, perfect in its solitude. i find that wintertime is a great chance to connect to yourself, talk to yourself, make plans, dream elaborate dreams. in summer we tend to be too busy running around doing "things" but in winter we often have no choice but to hibernate. even though i like the cold it does get a bit much and there is nothing more to do than hunker down inside and keep warm. there, we are alone with ourselves. the world around us shrinks to the size of our house/apartment/flat/cottage. maybe this is why so many people "hate" winter? a forced alone time with yourself.

as the snow continues to pile up in the corners of my window panes this season, i will enjoy my time with me. when summer comes i will take that "me" out to explore and to fulfill those dreams i had while in hibernation.

i promise myself that i will take winter as a moment to be still. even amongst the busyness of day to day life that continues on without regard of season. i will be busy when i need to be, in those hours that need/require it, but when those hours end i will breath and take time to be in the company of amanda.

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Maria-Thérèse said...

It worked!!!?!!

I thought it just bounced back to me since it snows even MORE today and the sky is grey. Glad you like snow though!