Saturday, January 2, 2010

newly listed in a newly year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! this one will be good, it has to be. i have to keep my thoughts on track, my dreams and goals on track, make changes baby!

i've just listed these 2 original pieces in my shop. this year my shop will be more successful, i will be selling more originals (on larger scales) AND i will also finally be adding my photography. watch for it ;)

oh yeah, snazz new banner too! my mind is always a whirl of different ideas and images and thoughts and fantasies.... it's hard to keep up with it. *hence the blog name - "loop.dee.loo", it's like a carnival ride all up in here yo!* so things change... often. i like change, i don't have enough of it. that's why this year, i must create more. it can be scary, daunting, tedious, you name it, but in the end it opens you up to creativity. an artist needs newness, fresh perspectives, inspiration of every kind. universe, i open myself up to you. bring it on!

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Maria-Thérèse said...

I love the paintings! Your new banner is super elegant.