Sunday, January 24, 2010

a letter to green (and other colours)

Dear Paint;

I love you, i truly do. I long to be with you, play with you, experiment with you. A smile crosses my face whenever i look down at my hands and find slivers of reminiscence of you under my finger nails. I know that you will always be there for me.

I'm saddened, however, by the fact that your lids keep breaking open on me. I simply wanted to take your top off yet you refused, fought back. I was forced to draft my teeth into war. My molars went to work, they bit down on your tiny cap while my hand twisted clockwise to unlock your colour. As i extracted your body from my mouth a carnage of green flooded the palm of my hand and lower lip. Your lid had not come unscrewed, it had broken at the top.

How am i to keep you fresh now? Why would you commit such a suicidal act? I suppose i can resort to cling wrap and tape but I'm not sure you are deserving of such measures. My darling, you are not the first colour/shade to do this to me, I am at a loss. Perhaps I should let you dry out to teach you a lesson? Who am i kidding, i can't do that. I can't AFFORD to do that. You are a series 4 colour, I need you! You have your talons deep in my flesh Mr. Sap Green Hue, I will let you live...... THIS time. I will use you in every single piece I create from now until your death, you're lucky i adore your hue.

Yours in anger,


Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda,

I spent my last breath on your lips - what a wonderful way to die, even though you were the one to kill me with your ferocious bite. I only wanted you to hold me and touch me; I would have loosened up after a while, I promise.

Then you did what you did.

Still, to expire upon thy lips is more than I could have ever hoped to achieve, even better than being part of some masterpiece.

/ the paint tube

Flying Whale said...

Dearest Paint Tube,

How you make me blush. I was unaware of how you felt. I am ashamed and guilt ridden.

My only course of action now is to place these river-rocks into my pockets and walk with a heavy heart into the Seine. I shall die poetically with you in my thoughts.


Maria-Thérèse said...

I'm not sure I should even be reading this conversation but I do hope that you will not poetically die in the river Seine. Have some wine on the riverside instead, all it takes is an a** or red and you'll feel better ;)

Forget about Green, I think Red is the way to go.

Flying Whale said...

LOL!!! brilliant!
i do say, red is a much lovelier colour.