Sunday, December 13, 2009

recent brush strokes


Metropolis (not sure on this title yet)


The Other Side of the Tracks

a few of my newest pieces ('flying whale' doesn't actually appear on the painting of course). they look way better in real life - especially 'Tempest'.

sunday night comes so fast and my yawns are coming faster. time for a bath with a side of tea.

.goodnite moon.


Maria-Thérèse said...

oh wow oh wow how have I missed these? Perhaps I was away at the fair. I really really like them! Is it wrong to think your name looks good on them as well and that you could use them as posters for your art / for an exhibition? :-O

Flying Whale said...

hahahaha, not wrong at all. i thought the same thing too when i put it on there (especially the lighthouse one). i have to take some better photos of them and then i'm going to put them in my shop! *except for 'Tempest' which is a christmas gift*