Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a powder room flood

there i was awaiting serenity in bubbles, i ran the water and put on the kettle. everything was looking magic and smelling heavenly when i dimmed the lights down to an amber glow. what was that reflection on the floor? what glimmered in the corner of my eye? why, it was water! a lot of water spilling out from the base of my soaker tub. relaxation dashed away as i raced to grab the nearest towel to create a dam.

what is the point of a soaker tub when you can only float in three quarters of a cup of water? who designed this modern atrocity made to look as if it were from another era? i want to be buried in warm suds, right up to my neck, no knees or boobs peeking out into the cool breeze that lurks so dangerously close above the comforting steam. the term "soaker", to me, means more than just your feet and bum get damp. it means everything up to the longest tendril of hair on your head gets watered.

this calls for inventive measures.


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

I agree. Mine isn't modern-looking like that; it has a straight side, but I sort of have to fold myself and I'm small!

When I looked at apartments a few weeks ago, none of them had bath tubs. Perhaps they're shrinking and going out of style and eventually they all disappear.

Michelle said...

I'm sure your inventive mind will think of a solution. I certainly hope so....that bathroom looks like a little slice of heaven...so calm and serene. :)

Flying Whale said...

no, they can't disappear... say it ain't so! i love tubs!

and yes, it is a wee slice of heaven (except for the fact that the door beside the tub leads to our 1860's cellar basement which i'm convinced is haunted and has at least 2 skeletons residing in it)