Thursday, October 22, 2009


every year in October we have a United Way week at my work. there are events and bake sales and a drinks cart that goes around every afternoon plying us all with alcohol. all of the money raised from these events goes to the United Way. tonight is the big night, the main event, an auction at our local pub. we get all sorts of item donations from clients etc. for people to bid on (while drinking yet MORE booze) and i was asked if i would like to donate a painting. this was very flattering and for a good cause so of course i said yes. the piece above, 'Terrain', is what i created.

it's sort of strange too because i don't normally paint landscapes, this just happened. i spent an entire day in my studio working on it, i just couldn't stop, like i was in a trance of sorts. by 9:00pm i was starving but i was also done.

so fingers crossed it sells ;)

it feels a bit strange to have my co-workers seeing my art, i can't explain why. it's a very personal thing, art, so to have a hundred or so people i see every day looking at it and seeing a piece of me they've never seen feels sort of like...nudity? oh my god i'm naked at work! it's like those nightmares you have where you go to school or work and realize to your ultimate horror that you've forgotten to put clothes on.

anyways, off i pop. before we all head out to the auction there's a Rock Band competition....and drinks. it's all about the drinks here!

p.s. the draw for FREE ART is tomorrow night! enter to win baby, after tonight's nakedness i could be famous! ;)


Debbie said...

Your work is beautiful. I came over by way of Afiori!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Wow, I think it's excellent!! There's this beautiful mood to it & movement.

Flying Whale said...

thank you so much Debbie :)