Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Strange Women

i finally purchased something from a shop i've been admiring for a while (i was in need of a treat for me). it was hard to decide what i was going to spoil myself with but i finally decided on her Astral Projection perfume/meditation oil. i love the idea of reaching the astral plane through my dreams, the more vivid and real my dreams are the better.

it smells incredible! so earthy and natural, so spicy yet soft. damian said i smell like christmas (must be the cloves). i'm waiting until the weekend to meditate on it as i fall asleep, i don't want to be startled out of my unconscious travels by a pesky alarm clock jolting me back to reality. yuck, reality.

look at how beautifully it was packaged, definitely a sign that she loves and puts care into what she does. everything is natural and from the earth (even part of the packaging! look at that wonderful moss bed... i've since put the moss into a little glass jar to house faeries or whatever else chooses to hibernate there for the winter) and i adore that! no mystery junk that helps keep the product "alive" and on a shelf for ages, just bits and pieces of what occurs naturally.

if you're looking for a unique gift for someone or for yourself, you've got to check her out!

For Strange Women

p.s. don't forget about the art giveaway... i will be drawing a name this friday night! great way to start your christmas "shopping"!


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

How cool! I've seen that shop.
I had the most boring dreams ever last night. Would have preferred not to remember anything at all. First, I went to a doctor who said I weighed 90 kilos. I tried to figure out my BMI in my head and was shocked and appalled but at the same time it confirmed what I already knew: that I was very fat. I'm short and the doctor said I was close to 100 kilos but he seemed much more alright with it than I was.

Then I had to go to camp with people from my old job. I hate camp, I would never go to camp or sleep in a cabin and while I was dreaming I thought of what illness I should blame. There were names on each cabin and I had been paired up with "This guy who is a friend of Mike's, Lena in the library's husband."

Boy was I glad to wake up.

Flying Whale said...

LOL! i hate when i have "bad" dreams like that, i always feel so disappointed, like i wasted a good nights sleep.

i always dream that all of my teeth fall out, what the hell is THAT about? at least they don't fall out at camp ;)

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

I've heard that teeth fallin out is worry about loved ones, or something along those lines. Last night I slept very badly but tonight I will concentrate on happy, fluffy, sparkly things or something before I fall asleep. Although I'm sure I wasn't thinking about camp and former colleagues before I had that stupid dream. Hmf.

Sing it with me: unicorns! chocolate! cuddles! winning the nobel prize! being in Rome! writing an excellent story and remembering it when you wake up!