Sunday, January 9, 2011

what say you, universe?

i wrecked that painting. i spent all afternoon and night working on it and then something happened, some beast took the reins and overworked it into a blotchy mess.

i guess it wasn't meant to look the way i intended it to. It didn't want to follow the path i was creating. I wonder what it's supposed to look like? We shall see, for I will attack it once again. Damian said "well i guess that's why pencils have erasers!" i liked that, it made me smile. in this case my eraser is a big bucket of gesso.

Do you ever have a visual in your head and then work that vision to death until it becomes something entirely different, like a muddled blob? My problem is that i think too much. i have to reprogram my head and stop doing that, i have to just go with it and let whatever voice from the universe that's trying to say something flow out and say it! Generally, as i've found out, the mess tends to recreate itself into something better. It's still hard to say goodbye to the pretty hidden under the pile of yuck but oh well, moving on.

First i think i'll have a cuppa and float under some bubbles, maybe flip through a magazine and get some inspiration for a new project i'll be playing with later. i'm so excited about it, it requires the use of Damian's workshop and safety goggles! Fun fun fun!!!

p.s. i just discovered a tangle of black paint in my hair. luckily it's in the ends because it might require scissors to remove it.

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