Thursday, September 23, 2010

be. simply. wonder... always.

i do believe my house is being haunted by a woman of days ago. a woman who adorned herself in the springtime air of lilac. my house is 145 years old and i wouldn't go lower than 90 years in age when real estating in the future. i adore history, i love living where so many lives before me have built memories. the floor in my family room is the original from 1865 and as much as it needs to be replaced/fixed up, i love feeling it with my bare-feet. Imagine who has walked on it before me for so many years, the stories that are attached to those faded footprints. the passage of time in transparent unknowingness.

there is no reason for my upstairs washroom to be adrift in a floral scent yet i just walked in to wash glue off of my hands and was hit by a rather strong lilac smell. our shower products are scented with a more earthy smell, hints of cedar and sandalwood, so this new ingredient to the air was quite noticeable. i wonder who she is, or rather, was.

i love the idea of ghosts, as long as they aren't ticked off Amityville style spirits who want us out at no cost. I love paranormal everything, bring on the beyond baby!

I've felt abnormal breezes of cool air, seen shadow movement from the corner of my eye, watched my cats stare with intent at the top of the staircase, etc. life would be rather boring if i were to pass it off as a trick of the eye so i choose to believe otherwise.

i like mystery. please don't tell me how a magician does his "trick", it's magic dammit, that's it. no other explanation. life would be utterly dull to me if i knew how and why everything worked. i need to wonder, i need to be in awe of supernatural "things". I like to believe that when i walk through a forest trees hold their breath and faeries stop in tip toe stride so not to be found out. these things make me happy and curious. i will forever grab the reins tight and head on with the imaginative.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

wow... Do you ever get scared?

strangely enough, I'm working on a new series of mystery photographs right now! :)