Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pitter patter

we're in for a blow. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for tonight complete with rain, heavy winds, possible hail and tornadoes. leaving the tornadoes out of it it could make for a cozy night. i do love a good thunderstorm, i'm not a fan of heavy winds though, they can get scary.

the clouds out my window are moving at a pretty good pace. i've watched them change within minutes from wispy white smudges to great fluffy monsters covered in grey shadows. they're running across the sky as if they're being chased, growing bigger and bigger, darker and darker. little pockets of blue and light are peeking out shyly and the scent of rain is in the air.

i have ribs braising in the oven for damian's dinner, there's 5 more minutes on the timer and then i have to grill them. hopefully the rain holds off until i'm done that step and all will be well. then we can settle in for a stormy night of rain tapping our windows, movies, and cuddling.

i better get some candles ready just in case.