Saturday, February 27, 2010

a little snip of magic

i've been spending a lot of time in fantasy lately. it's pretty cozy up here in my head. i'm so grateful for my imagination because otherwise, being stuck in traffic or on a rush-hour train would be cause for my institutionalization (i'm not a huge fan of tinned peas for lunch or shock therapy for dessert so, once again, phew).

wouldn't it be great to shrink down to the size of a field mouse and squeeze through a keyhole? who knows where that rounded morsel of light could take you?


your imagination and desire for surprise lead the way as you're pulled up the door by a strand of dream towards the blurred beacon. upon reaching the top you hold your breath, close your eyes, and hope for the best. you step forward, a warm breath of air wraps itself around you and you're washed away in an ocean sound. bright lights in a spectrum of colour penetrate your eyelids yet calm you, you're on your way to bliss. you feel this.

when you land it's warm, there's stillness, you slowly open your eyes. you look around as the horizon comes into focus and after all those years of wondering what clouds taste like, a lilac-jasmine lands on your tongue. you knew it all along! you don't have much time on ground level to enjoy the sweet taste, a kite whisks you away on its ribbons and takes you to an old yellowed book page spelling out the definition of "wander";
–verb (used without object)
to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray: to wander over the earth.

it prickles your toes to walk on the words but you enjoy the sensation. a loud clang turns your head to the right, a footless man wearing a black and purple striped tie drops a teapot and tells you to run westward. you run in slow motion through molasses, swatting paper snowflakes out of your view. you end up at a halt gazing upon thirteen Russian dolls winking at you in Italian, a riddle you never expected to exist. They tell you to pick up three things; a page of white, a cherry branch, and a heart loved whole. Once you have collected the three you are to toss them into a shimmering northern lake and whisper "you have fallen from the things we never learned". a kiss will hit your lips.

Take whatever lessons you have gathered and put them in a glass jar in your pocket. Be it physical, emotional, dream, or thought, store it safely. Feelings are fragile if not kept properly... make sure to poke holes in the lid.

You will notice your pocket jar(s) are tied with an amber tether. The knots you tied yourself drip with a honey essence and cannot be undone without the belief in magic. To unleash a pinch of love whisper the words "simple me", to unleash a dash of truth speak softly "i will always".

Your being encounters doubt and reality at the same time, you now live in an environment of float and physical, pain and sensation. Be you at every waking minute, it's the only way to survive.


Maria-Thérèse said...

You just wrote the ultimate blog post. I shall no longer need to read blogs. Will happily exist in your magic land. Unless you will write some more?

Michelle said...

Enchanting. Intriguing. Delightful. Serene. I can imagine a painting with this imagery. I bet it's there in your mind. Thank you for sharing such a magnificent tale! :)

Flying Whale said...

awwww *blush* thank you so much!!!!
i will definitely write more. and yes, the image is VERY vivid in my head (probably why i've been spending a lot of time there)


Rob said...

What a great blog. See, magic does happen...even if only in your mind. Fantasy Rules