Thursday, September 24, 2009

re-jig that thought

that idea i had about making a video every day and then posting it....yeah, i think i was a little hasty. where did i think i was going to find the time to do that? the technical difficulties i was having earlier in the week (previous post) made me open my eyes. there's no way i can film, edit and upload on top of everything else i'm doing. so i have changed it up a bit, instead of every day i will do once a week. that should give me enough time to create a little somethin' somethin', edit it all up so it sparkles, and get it on here. that is the new, realistic, challenge!

it's fall now, officially, and i'm loving every minute of it. well, i would be if it actually felt like fall. summer has left it's crumbs lying about on autumns glory.
you had your chance summer and you rained, constantly. don't be thinking you can move in on pretty little fall now, it's short enough as it is. i predict the first snowfall will be next month (which is a crazy wonderful hats & mittens thought) so away with you summer, go hang out in Australia, it's their turn to have you. give me my crisp leaves and chilly tipped nose. i want to wear my cute scarves and not melt into their woolen threads while doing so.

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