Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the weight of happiness

i'm back, with much reluctance. i was tempted to throw a fit at security in order to stay in Europe. maybe say i had hand lotion in my carry-on bag and get tossed into some room to be interrogated as to why i would even think about bringing such a dangerous substance on board.

i will have to write a more in depth post about my travels when i'm not at work, minimizing the screen any time i hear footsteps. i just wanted to post a little something to say i was alive & well, not in some cider coma in a pub somewhere. also, it's a way to not stop thinking about what a fabulous time i had. i can't get back into the groove of reality, all i want to do is go back. i felt lighter in spirit than i normally do (hard to explain, not sure if it was the altitude or the weight of happiness).

i could keep writing, my whirling head is dying to spit everything out in grandiose detail. alas, it's almost time to go home, well, to dinner with my in-laws. i'll have to attempt impression with my Italian father-in-law with some of my newly acquired vocabulary. i also need to upload some photos, of which there are many (i went mad with that shutter release). the photo above was taken by my sister on the top of a hill on Skye. we hiked up it and it was like another world at the top. you can't tell from the angle but there was a huge drop below me, just where the brown grass line in the foreground meets the green. a cliff, straight down to the sea. sigh, i will try to describe the feeling of it in my next post but there's nothing like being there in the flesh.

ok, off i float. a glass of wine awaits me.

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Kate8085 said...

hahaha. I was a big baby when we had to come home too.
Isn't it ridiculous that hand lotion has to be under 3 ounces, but you can carry on a 6 inch screwdriver?
Hmm...I wonder which one I could do more damage with.