Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday rambling

i've been loving lemon lately, a fresh squeezed wedge of juice in boiled water, a "hot lemon" as my dad calls it.  that tart burst of a piece of pulp that finds it's way between my teeth, it makes my eyes squint into a Renee Zellweger sort of face.  i love it, keeps me on my toes.  it's very good for you too, helps clean out that ol' liver.  

speaking of Zellweger, Rob Marshall (who directed 'Chicago') has a new movie coming out soon that looks like a lavish feast of delicious for the eyes.  the shots, the lighting, the costumes, the song, the sets, they all make my want to take up residence and settle down on a cozy piece of fantasy.  not to mention Marion Cotillard is in it, yum!  watch the preview and may your dreams be filled with shadows, sparkle, dancing, and maybe a bit of naughty afterwards.

i've been trying to upload a video to my blog but youtube isn't letting it work for some reason. it tells me the video will appear shortly but then... nothing.  i will march on, keep trying.

~sometimes a post of randomness is good, good to write the way my brain thinks sometimes.  so many topics rambling through at one time~

i'm about to enjoy a Spanish wine that i bought purely because of the label.  i like to try new wines and i tend to let the label do a lot of the work in helping to choose a bottle.  hey, if the liquor store isn't gonna give out samples i have to decide somehow.  besides, how beautiful does this sound (from the back label), "... where sidewalk cafes fill to watch a vibrant world pass over the rim of a wine glass".  that's where i would like to be every day.

back to the theme of movies, i'd like to someday write a screenplay.  i took a night school course a few years ago and is it ever harder than you'd think.  there's more technical aspects then i would have thought.  it was fascinating to learn the back end of a craft that has captured my imagination and heart for so many years.  Within the first 3 classes we were to come up with an idea, our film, and pitch it to the class.  Hard work.  of course the idea i came up with was one of the toughest types of screenplay to write, so said my teacher.  i have a tendency to think large, and complex.  my piece was an ensemble piece, the story of a man who finds out he has a year to live and who's wife and friends help him to live out every last one of his dreams. totally done before but hey, what hasn't been done before?  at least i wasn't writing the script for the re-make of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (starring Mylie Cryrus & Zac Effron... *shudder* i fear the day).  are there no more struggling writers out there with original ideas?  what's with all the re-makes?

anyways, off i've gone on a babble.  i'll be putting some pieces up for sale in my shop shortly, have to make room for new work!

goodnight moon.


Maria-Thérèse said...

A tendency to think large and complex sounds excellent to me.
I think the problem is that easy is easiest and a remake or an easy film is easy. And easy is the norm, people get too tired and to much fed the message that making an effort is somehow bad.

Soyun said...

Lovely post. I love lemoms, too. They are so refreshing~