Sunday, February 15, 2009

under cover of night

there's nothing more calming and tranquil, to me, than the sound of wind chimes. delicate songs composed by the wind.  even the slightest breeze will play a quiet melody.  i could fall asleep to the tune.  unless of course it's nighttime, that's when my over active imagination turns the beauty on its side.

the sound of chimes in the distance under a pitch black sky are, for lack of a better word, nightmarish.  under the dark sheet of night that peaceful lullaby is turned into a subtle soundtrack for horror.  i picture being all alone in a forest, searching for shelter, not being able to see anything around me.  in the far off i hear the hollow sound of wind chimes and feel comforted for a second that i may be close to a warm home.  that second of relief is broken by the sound of a snapping twig close behind me.  it could be a rabbit, it could be a deer, but i can't tell for sure.  the moon is covered by swiftly moving clouds, it gives me moments of shy light but that's it.  i turn around to investigate the noise but it's gone, there's nothing to be seen in the small pocket of moonlight.  all that's left now are the chimes.  i start walking faster toward the hopeful sound, my feet crunching the ground beneath me.  i hear steps behind me.  i spin around and catch a shadow darting behind a tree.  i begin running, i'm growing short of breath, the dense clouds reveal the moon at it's brightest, i see a small house in the distance.  there's smoke rising from the chimney and i dream of warm soup and a soft bed.  something grabs me from behind and i fall to the ground, my head hits a rock and everything blends into blurry shades of grey.  there is nothing after.


pretty dramatic scene since that entire visual came to be when i was simply tossing a can into the recycle box on our porch.  i heard the chimes on our tree and my mind went off.  it has a tendency to do that, it moves fast, so fast i can't keep up with it.  i can't even fight it so instead, i use it to my benefit.  i love having a super creative and over active imagination, it's fun.  it entertains me when i'm alone.  it also scares me when i'm alone (like right now for instance, Damian is out with a friend and i'm left here with my dark imaginings, hahaha).  no matter how much i scare myself i can still convince myself that it's a good thing, it's what creativity is all about.  either that or i'm going mad hatter.  i think i'm still okay with that though.  being able to use madness as an "excuse" to wearing fairy wings over my winter coat is absolutely fine by me.  if that's what madness is, fairy wings and dreamy attitudes, then that's what the world needs more of... absolute madness and carefree spirit.


Maria-Thérèse said...

I need to read this for real when I've slept.

And on a more technical note; I love it when a person knows the difference between "it's" and "its".

Semlas don't ship well to Canada. Canadians will need to come to the semla.

Okay. I own my own business now, for real, this is my job, holy crap, and I have a shop, and I am nervous, and good night.

♥ new website and shop

amanda said...

you're too cute! i'm excited for you owning your own business. it (and you of course) will be a fabulous success!

Maria-Thérèse said...

aww thank you!

I love your writing!
Have you thought of writing and illustrating your own books? And I can totally relate to the imagination thing. Hey, at least I'm never bored!

My neighbour came downstairs and gave me a semla (it is the semla time of year, semla day is on Tuesday), and she heard someone scream HELLO in the hallway...! Thinking it might be someone who needed help, we went down to the laundry room etc. No one there. Then she told me to just go inside and lock the door. Very weird. Wonder what this will do to the insomniac tonight.

I would love a mix cd!! We could swap?!?

Maria-Thérèse said...

If you'd like to trade some music, could you please e-mail me your address?