Monday, November 10, 2008

regarding my state of (inebriated) mind

this is one of my favourite wines and, at $40 a bottle, it's not one i have often. my dad bought me this bottle because he was at the liquor store buying for he and my mom and new i liked it. my parents spoil me.

at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, i love the way wine makes me feel. after just one glass i feel light, carefree, uplifted, optimistic, full of promise. is that so wrong? if i told a group of AA's that would i be forgiven and understood? would they join me in the pub down the street for a hearty glass of full bodied red? i have a tendency to over-think and that's extremely annoying, especially when trying to paint. so, sometimes i'll indulge in a a few grapes to help with the natural flow, to melt away the part of me that's bent on logic.

most of the time it's red that works the magic but my other liquid weakness also plays a part, takes turns in altering my state of mind if you will. champagne. oh how i love the bubbles.

i could use some red tonight baby, everyone at my work seems to be sick so all day i've been forced to listen to coughing and snot. kinda makes one feel sick by association.

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